Mes Chevaux

J’aime mes chevaux Summer et Sherman! Summer est brun, blanc et noir, Summer esst dix-neuf. Summer aime des carottes, des betterrave, des bananes, des melons, du fraise, du pomme, et du pasteque! Summer deteste du brocoli! Sherman est havane et blanc. Sherman a dix-septans. Sherman aime des bananes, des pasteques, des carottes, et du pomme. Sherman deteste fraises, des melons, et du citron. Elles habite a grane. Elles ont a stall, elles mangent fine! J’aime Summer at Sherman! <3 <3 <3

” er ” verbs

  1. Je compte.
  2. Vous habitez.
  3. Nous jouons
  4. Tu danses.
  5. Il ferme.
  6. Elle singe.
  7. Ils enlevent.
  8. Elles arrivent.
  9. Je effance.
  10. Vous dessinez.
  11. Nous laissons.
  12. Elle aime.
  13. Il entre.
  14. Ils detestent.
  15. Elles parlent
  16. Je marche.
  17. Vous frappez.
  18. Nous montons.
  19. Il garde.
  20. Elle ecoute.
  21. Ils regardent.
  22. Elles mangent.
  23. Je etudie.
  24. Tu arretes.

Christmas Break

This Chistmas break i had so much fun….. Also I got Alot of christmas gifts but my favorit present was my wintec 500 air filld gulet ( its a saddle ). but it is tacking for ever to get here….:( But i get that is ok i can what also this winter break my cousin Emily came up island and we hung out and whent riding all the time, it was fun. For christmas Emily go new horse jumps and so when my ponies are boarded there we can do our own ring jumping. but sadly school has started and now there wount be that much riding. 🙁 My family and i had lot of fun on new years eve mhouse hold invided the McGregor house hold and emilys boy friend james also Gummi came and we all played on the Xbox untill it was probily 1:oo them James Emily and i whent down stars and watched THE NOTBOOK. that is all.